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Imagine walking from village to village through the English countryside -- by yourself or with a friend, eating at pubs, staying at B&Bs, spending as little as $35-$45 a day, carrying a wee 8 to 10 pound pack (great to avoid baggage check these days). Talk with locals who don't treat you like a tourist. Explore medieval castle ruins in the morning. Pause for lunch near a Celtic burial mound. Feel the wind in your face as you stride along a 2000-year-old Roman road, beneath a Victorian viaduct or beside an 18th-century canal....


British Footpath Guides can help you do it.  These books offer much more than just walking directions.  Each sturdy, pocket-size volume entertains and advises as it informs -- with historical anecdotes, environmental asides, and essential tips & suggestions from someone who has been there and done that many times.  Whether you're a first-time walker or an old hand, you'll get the most from Britain's unique network of waymarked paths when you bring along the experience and good humor of Richard Hayward's British Footpath Guides.


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Glendullan a small still hidden near Dufftown - Start of Speyside Way

Small Map of England

Richard's - Long Distance Paths in England